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I did it!

I’ve done it a few times now and I fucking like it! Webcam modelling! It’s kinda fun and it’s working out for me! Woohoo! I hope I can swing the money up because right now it’s not exactly worth it, but I’m so lucky and blessed to be able to do this job. I love it so much to be honest. I mean, I also love being low-key and a secret. I miss my big daddy like you wouldn’t believe, and not necessarily him exactly per se, although I could have fucked that man proper and on-demand for the rest of his life, but I miss having any big daddy, any good man, who I can sex up real nice and properly, who is like my kinda silent partner. I miss him and I need him so.

Come get me, daddy!

Not only did that man sex me up good, but he kinda funded all my little vanity projects. I could do anything I wanted just for fun with no pressure to be profitable. It was sweet.

Now I’m a “Public Figure”, hehehe. I’m a bad gal… it’s what I’m good at, and it’s what I love, and it’s how I know to be profitable and thrive, I have such a good time, and I can’t wait to try some of the bigger webcam sites, right now I’m just dipping my toes into the webcam world and seeing if I’m even kinda popular, I mean, it was kinda presumptuous of me to start by securing my own domain name and then building my own site, but I kinda know a thing or two about the sex industry and it felt like the smarter choice. I was an exotic dancer, and the truth is that I come from a family of like, adult entertainers. The webcam is definitely a different sort of curve, though. I do not know that so well, but I can get it quick. It won’t take long. I will be amazing at this!

Guys go nuts for this ass… Oops, I mean guys bust nuts on this ass… Haha, no I really mean the first thing… it’s actually sorta scary sometimes… I’ve had to run away and change apartments and stuff..

So, here is what happened, and obviously I’m not saying any names so let’s call him the first dude, who was totally amazing! He seriously just wanted me to put the cam close to my pussy, and give myself an orgasm, and it was honestly a bit of a weak orgasm, but it was my first time and I was nervous. This is why I can’t mess with randoms and I love my sugar daddy so much, because over time the sex gets so much better and better till it’s just incredible and new people are just totally lame. but I digress. It was good and I hope he comes back for more because the next time I think will be better. Oh, I forgot about the very first guy because it was over so quick. He was only with me for one second, we did the cam2cam, he was stroking his dick, which was very nice, they are all nice, I almost married a dude who was three inches because I loved him and I can ride any fucking dick till I bust juice all down his balls if the man can just hold off long enough for me, and he did, and he used to let me… never mind, ask me in private chat, hehehe.

Anyways, dude was stroking his dick, I pulled down my panties, then he finished and I only made like three dollars. I learned that I need to tease more and not drop my panties so quick.

The second guy was way better. He stayed in the private chat longer, but I hate that I can’t hear them. They can type to me, and I can speak to them, but I can’t hear them speak to me and that part sucks. I’m going to try the Skype because that seems better than having to read directions and requests, while holding a camera and masturbating. One cheap ass loser took away my horny. He was gross, he kept telling me to do things, but he never gave me any money. It’s really not a good idea to irritate me when I’m tryna get wet. Ugh, total dick that guy, but I didn’t kick him out. I like to fuck with the assholes a bit, sometimes I can show them a little bit of like, humour and reason and they learn to mend their ways and be nice to the entertainment. It’s okay to play mean, but we must always be nice.

I like to play in a lot of different ways…

Anyways, that’s enough camming and telling for now. I mean, for all I know those videos might be out there now, doing anything. Oh yeah and the third guy was very specific, he wanted me to actually put on clothes and then take them off, which I kinda liked. I hope he liked it too, I wish I could have listened to him say the directions instead of having to turn and keep reading them off the screen, I have a sexy voice for this and I’m so glad these guys can hear me. I sing to them, LOL. It’s a lot of fun. I’m going to stick with this site for at least a week and then add a few more over the next few weeks. I’m on PornHub now too! But my stupid old dinosaur computer messed up the sound in the video I uploaded. If you’d like to donate to get me a better computer, I need like $3000.00 and you can donate any amount to my PayPal so I can make better sexier videos. Also, so they say, I’ve made a bit of money from my nude camming. I tend to believe things moreso when I see them, but that is very nice and I’m going to keep going until they actually send me a cheque which hopefully doesn’t bounce or get me on some sort of list. This can’t be any worse than investing in bitcoin, I guess. Or Arbonne, although my sister says she’s doing really well at that. I’m just terrible at throwing parties where I sell products I don’t believe in. When it comes to selling sex, I kinda really believe in myself, I know I’m way better than most girls at this. Who the fuck knows anything about Arbonne products. Not me. I just know how to keep my big daddy coming back for more and filling my pockets. That’s what I love to do. That man chose me over and over and over again, when he could’ve spent his big money anywhere and that makes me feel so good about myself. It really does. I love being me, I love my big daddy, and I love being blessed.

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Nude Webcamming

OMG, I am FREAKING OUT! I just got approved for nude webcam modelling which means that I can basically start masturbating on cam whenever I am ready. I don’t know if I’m ready. All those girls are so young and hot, and I’m thinking my best angle may be to be to let my pubes and armpit hair grow, or maybe be willing to shit my pants on camera, or perhaps that I’m one of the few older women brave enough, or desperate enough, depending on how you read the situation, to give this a serious go. I’ve never done shit like this… on cam, and the truth is, I wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t some angle to get paid, and these cam-streaming sites say that they pay, lots of girls are getting paid and you aren’t really hearing any stories of them ripping girls off, it’s mostly the customers who do that (there’s always that one jerk), so maybe it’ll be a fun way to make some cash… I really love sex and they say you should do what you love. If this doesn’t work out, I can always get a job at GoodLife Fitness or as a virtual assistant or something. Who knows, right?

If they’ll have me now…

So, I’m pretty stoked about this, but also kinda nervous because I’m brand new at doing stuff like this on cam. I guess I can forget about having a career in politics, LOL, like that was ever going to happen anyways, but if ever randomly decide get into politics for some reason, I’ll volunteer from the start that I masturbated on cam for money, so what? How is anyone better for doing it for free? That’s just stupid, I’m masturbating anyways, if someone wants to pay to watch and I’m young and need the money, then why the fuck not? Seriously.

I guess my biggest worry is that no one will want to pay to watch – ha!

I should seriously just tell the truth about my age on these websites. I literally just got approved, I haven’t even logged back into any of them yet. But I’m already planning to lie and say I’m thirty when the truth is that I’m… just a tad bit older than that. I know that I’m panicking for nothing, this is like, what I do, I have anxiety problems, but it’s probably going to be totally chill and fun. As soon as I finish writing this I’m going to go log on and see what’s up. Maybe it’ll be totally awesome, and I just need to stop freaking out and think positive. If I wasn’t so broke, I probably never would have tried this, and I’m a total exhibitionist sometimes. Like, I started filming myself in the shower back in 2010 because it’s the place where I feel the most beautiful so maybe this is the perfect job for me and I should stop being such a chicken.

I’ve already started filming myself in the shower again, and filming myself masturbating. I guess maybe I have control issues, but I wanted to see what I looked like before I just started putting myself out there… live in a cam room with hundreds of dudes who could be anywhere in the world, including hiding in my closet with a serrated blade and a real hate-on for women…

The funny thing is, I’m kinda hotter than I realized. I just never really took the time to look for myself. No wonder dudes are so aggressive and pushy. Fucking assholes, but still. Seeing myself kinda look so beautiful, I guess I sort of get it, but it’s still not okay. There is this one video I make of me having an orgasm, and it’s not like the other girls do it. I spent a bit watching some of the cams earlier today, and my video that I made is a bit different, mostly because it’s really quiet. Sometimes I have quiet orgasms and I was kinda nervous because it was my first time using toys on camera, which was kind of exciting in and of itself. The whole situation was really enjoyable and the video is beautiful even though I’m not the most expressive in it, I think… I also probably should have taken off my shirt…

I’m smiling at the end, though, hehehe… The NJoy & the Magic play so nicely together…

I think I’m going to make the video available for sale on my website. Some of the other girls sign up for sites like Clips4Sale and stuff like that, ModelCentro, and I might do that also, but this is my personal site, and I may as well sell on here also. I like the idea of having something I own where I can do everything my own way and set my own rules. Holy there is so much to figure out. This is only my third website, and none of the others have been very profitable, although the first one lead to an amazingly sweet guy that I had a nice hot fling with and he supported me financially while we were together which is kind of my thing that I’ve always kind of stumbled into. I’m not very good at getting or keeping jobs, but a man I usually have no trouble with, and I’ve never really had to be profitable before since I was basically a sugar baby having fun on the internet, but my sugar daddy isn’t giving me anymore money, he said, so I have to try and start making money at this, or maybe getting a job at GoodLife Fitness… except that they didn’t call me back and I literally never workout at any gyms (my workout looks pretty explicit and I don’t need any equipment and I hate when people stare at me, or worse, follow me out into the parking lot… *shudders*), also kinda scamming people when you’re selling them stuff, knowing that they aren’t going to show up for the actual workouts… I’d be terrible at keeping a poker face and letting them do it. *Dejected sigh*

I’d rather just get paid to masturbate all day, if that’s even remotely possible. Everything else sounds way too complicated and I just want a simple wet, Sweetpussy life. That’s the name of my imaginary porn production company… SweetPussy Productions… I don’t know if I’m going to do this… I’ve thought it out, but maybe I’m just dreaming… It’s my trademark since I came up with it first, and I’m going to have a logo done by the time I post this. I need a new MacBook, mine is really old, so if any Sugar Daddies out there wanna shoot me $3000.00, you could pretty instantly become my number one, and maybe even help advise me if you know wtf I’m supposed to be doing here. Do it NOW!