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Posing with my stud muffins.. (the toys)

So, for the ladies out there, I wouldn’t recommend posting anything too racy to PornHub, unless you really enjoy and want to do it for free, which most ladies don’t enjoy. Honestly, if you find your lady is acting like a miserable and unbearable bitch, perhaps you should try buying her something nice (like a new MacBook) and showing her that you value her and her happiness, because I can promise you that if the woman of your household isn’t happy, nobody else will be either, just saying this is common knowledge. Find a lady you can keep happy and you will be happy forever, never make a fool of that woman. Anyways, I’ve made a whopping seventy five cents with about three videos… in the one industry where I could potentially make more than a man.

This is the part where most people would quit. Why the fuck can’t I just be like most people???

Instead I am pushing forward with a nude vlog. Since not many people read this blog, and I’m basically writing these words for nothing right now, to add content to a website that may or may never be popular. Oh yeah and the stuff in my last post was just me being a little taboo and weird, that happens. The nude vlog has so far involved very little talking, and mostly just singing and masturbating. My shows are going to be all solo. I figure I’m not really getting paid enough for my benefactors to have much say in what I produce, so I’m basically going to do what I want and hope that something pans out. I will also be making a serious effort for once. Why the fuck can’t I just ever be serious? Ugh, angst. At my age.

Me fooling around on the job…

I probably should have reserved the serious effort for getting that job at GoodLife Fitness, like, they’re always hiring, I could literally go there right now, and I don’t know why I don’t. I am going to work on that too. Just in case. But the vlog is definitely something I can do, it’s really just a matter of making a short almost daily video of me doing something nude. I like doing them in the shower. If I post enough then that seventy five cents will add up and maybe I’ll get some fans. Or be a total train wreck is option B which I’m hoping not.

I didn’t really mean for this to turn into an advert but I’ll leave my support link at the bottom so anyone who wants to help me upgrade my laptop can help me out majorly, that would be so amazing!

I guess I will end this now, but I will keep the internet posted on how this works out for me… I have some pretty cool ideas that I think will truly innovate and amaze the porn world…. perhaps even the world at large, idk…

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Me and my bf after a long hard days work…


So, I still haven’t done any nude webcam modelling, however, I have also been approved to upload my sexy videos to PornHub, so I might start doing that. I have a link to send traffic over to watch my videos and I guess stream with me if they want. I’m procrastinating because it’s really going to suck if I fail at this…

If you’re reading this, please find me on PornHub and watch my videos. They aren’t going to be professional or hardcore or anything, I still need a new laptop before I can start editing the videos efficiently the way I’d like, but I may just upload some of the ones I have made so far and see if anyone actually watches them. Not only do people have to watch them, but enough people have to watch them that I actually earn money. It’s really just me masturbating or singing in the shower, so I don’t know how many people are going to be into that, it’s like voyeur or exhibitionist sort of stuff. Those are the only ideas I’ve come up with so far, it’s what I wanna do, except that I might have to redo the shower ones with my own made up songs so I’m not infringing on any copywrites, but obviously made up songs are not going to be as popular as me singing the greats, so I might post those on here for free just to get some fans and a following or something. Please be my fan!


I’ve been reading about findom and it seems like such an easy payoff, but it also seems kinda weird. For those of you who don’t know, it stands for financial domination, and I suppose I know of it somewhat, in that I’ve read about it, I even wrote a story that touched on it, but the truth is that it may not be my thing. I don’t mind financially dominating someone I love who serves me in real life, but it just seems odd to do this with randoms on Twitter. This is what I’m not getting. I’ve been following them and trying to figure it out. I have a guy who I’ve done that with online, but we knew each other from real life, and then things just continued online and he comes around and sends me money whenever he wants to play like that, but I’ve never really taken him seriously, like thought about getting more of these guys. Of course now I could really use the money, and I’d be really good at it, genuine, and I don’t rip people off. Except for one guy which was more of a misunderstanding, and he’s totally cool about it. We are hanging out tonight, in real life, and he’s taking care of me, so he’s obviously not that mad.

I like guys who worship me, but I’m not really into the being mean aspect of it, more into the being the boss aspect of it, I would say. I like leather every once in a while, but not every single time for me personally. Obviously I can go a little further with a tributing sub, but I don’t just do it for free.

So I’m studying financial domination as well, and I might get into that, but even with my limited knowledge, I feel like there is something I should say here. As someone who’s always gotten enough money and gifts from guys that I’ve rarely ever actually worked, the thing I can’t deal with in findom is recklessness and carelessness. I’m alive and breathing because I’m not a reckless or careless girl and it isn’t right to break somebody, financially, spiritually, or emotionally, just because you can, and I think it can be a dangerous thing to take from anyone till they have nothing left to lose.

I’m sure everyone has made bad choices and gotten into situations where you just had needs that had to be met and it was so easy, but that’s why it’s important to maintain your independence and try to make sure you can always afford to make the right choices. It’s almost cliche to say that submission is a gift, but it’s true, and underneath that kinky boy who likes to be called names is a real human being. I may not remember all the rules to the game, and I may not fully understand this technology curve, but I do know that much. Like, some of these girls don’t seem to really know or understand what they’re doing, but far be it from me to judge, I have my own subs to own and I don’t have time to worry too much about anyone else in the game… just saying.