Yesssss!!! My CashMeet idea is working!!! Now, some of you may know what a CashMeet is and also that it is not my idea. It started out as a CashPoint, it’s a BDSM thing that I’ve only recently heard of and I’ve dabbled, but I’m not particularly active in the BDSM scene, I’m honestly fresh out of a long term pretty exclusive arrangement and I am finding my legs and rediscovering myself and learning what I want and kind of moving forward and growing into whatever’s next, which I think is a small circle of clientele who are hopefully submissive or vanilla, maybe a dom, but I’ve had six years of that and I’m straight, LOL. I want my own subs now. I’m ready.

So I’m discovering myself as I’m studying the sex industry, trying to find my home, my niche, and my comfort level, as well as get that paper, LOL, money, money, my skills are not cheap, or free, and I know I’ve got it, and as soon as I lock eyes with a man, he fucking knows I’ve got it, LOL. I don’t have time for a bunch of free consultations, but then there’s also these BDSM CashPoint meets, or CashMeets, and voila, I come up with my spin on the CashMeet.

Another reason I came up with it is because it takes effort to meet someone, I used to not even agree to go out on a date unless the man agreed to pay for my babysitter. I wouldn’t even ask him to do it either. I would tell him how much it was for a babysitter, and if he didn’t offer to pay, I would just block him without any explanation. Mean, but you really get way too many messages on dating sites. I don’t have time to explain to every single guy why he failed. Charging money is the only practical way to thin the heard and make things manageable because I know I’m special if I’m worth a man’s hard earned money. Findomme works both ways and the domme should enjoy it immensely, which I do. I honestly can’t even fuck with anyone who’s not paying me. Unless it was someone who’s always been there for me, then obviously I wouldn’t turn my back, but I mean randoms who want to go on Vanilla dates instead of buying me stuff, it just feels awkward and unpleasant and I don’t like it… I spent last summer going on Vanilla dates, but, I don’t know, my BPD is acting up and I’m just not relationship material anymore. I want this instead. The transactional nature calms my overly intense emotions and makes me Goddess..

Online findom is cool, and I have an online sub, but what I’m doing is I’m basically using a CashMeet as a way to meet actual potential subs as well as Vanilla clients for real life sessions. My online sub is welcome to fly to my city for a CashMeet if he wants, but I don’t anticipate that happening.

What is a CashMeet?

If you haven’t already googled it, a CashMeet is when a submissive meets a dominant at a CashPoint, withdraws and presents money to his Alpha, or Goddess, and he may be permitted to kiss her feet, or be given the honour of getting kicked in the balls by her, but then he leaves and that’s the end of the transaction.

I’m not doing it that way.

For several reasons, first off, as freaky as I am behind closed doors, I don’t like making a public spectacle of myself, unless it’s Pride nobody is roaming the streets in a leash or anything like that, I’m freaky as they come, but kids deserve their innocence and you never know when they are going to pop out when you’re in public.

The second reason is this, I LOVE the idea of meeting my potential submissives in a public place first, especially since I only accept a few clients and see them from home, but I’m not showing up if there’s nothing in it for me. A client can always decide he’s going to waste my time and not show up, but I think that there’s a lot of potential clients who are just as nervous about meeting me as I am about them, and would love a chance to have a little chat and get to know me on public neutral ground before committing to my prices, which I am NOT lowering, and buy me a little something to thank me for my time before taking some space to think things through and decide. It’s the perfect idea for my style and the class of Stable I’m trying to cultivate. These few men will be sharing my most intimate moments and my most intimate self, and they need to be hand-picked and high quality pets. I’ll go with the best I can get.

I’m both excited and impressed that it is working. I’ve had one CashMeet and I’ve another scheduled.┬áIf all goes well, we will get to know each other as he buys me a pair of sexy boots that I’ve got all picked out, and I’m very excited. I think it’ll do good to have a backup plan so if my client doesn’t show I can make the most of my time out, and maybe see if I can arrange a few CashMeets on the same day since I’ll be out somewhere safe and public, but I have no doubt that this client has done is homework, is all about what I’m offering, and wants to do the CashMeet. He’s practically begging for it and my sweet heavenly gash is throbbing and oozing at the thought of him actually begging… for release… for worship… for meaning… for utter humiliation… for his Sweet Holy Goddess… I’m looking forward to meeting and using him for my divine pleasure…