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I’m officially a Camgirl now. It’s good, I like it. If you aren’t inclined to entertain sexually, or be watched, then it might not be for you, but these are kinda my strong points, and so it’s something I’d definitely like to do more of. The pay isn’t that great. If it wasn’t for my real life guys right now we would not be eating, but I’m getting better, and seem to double what I make each day so that’s actually pretty cool. If I can get to about $400.00 a day, I’ll be a happy camper. If I stick around this shitty town and keep the guys I have, then I’ll be doing even better. But Hawaii is calling… or California… where this porn star dude is telling me what an amazing life we can have together. He’s super sweet and knows a lot about the industry, but also a little pushy and bossy so I guess we will see how things work out, but I like him a lot and I bet he can fuck so amazing, which I could really use a nice proper fuck from a real dude.

I got SnapChat! $50 for Life!

The camgirling is much fun for a girl like me, maybe regular girls wouldn’t like it, but I love it, I can do it pretty much anywhere, I’m learning how to be really good at it and that’s what I wanted to write, so there are two sites that I’ve signed up with, I’ve heard MyFreeCams is the biggest, but I don’t like the layout of that one, I really like the clean look of Chaturbate, and Streamate is the other one I’m with, where I made the most money. Even though I made more money with Streamate, I still like Chaturbate better because it’s busier, you have more of an audience, and I like the being watched part of camgirling a lot.

With Streamate too much time is spent waiting to be watched, but with Chaturbate, unless you’re just sitting there scowling angrily at the camera, you can pretty much get at least 5-6 guys in your room to entertain while you wait for a tipper. With MFC or CB you will have a lot of freeloaders watching the show with only one or two tippers, and with Streamates it’ll be the opposite, you might have two or three guys in your room and if a guy wants you he will either give you gold or take you private. So private is just you and him, and you’re kinda supposed to do what he wants within reason or within your own limits. So that’s cool, but what I like about Chaturbate is that you can do what you find sexy and guys can tip you to let you know they like it. I LOVE that concept, even though it relies on the guys not to be cheapasses. It really turns me on, not when guys kinda pay for it because they have to, like being charged by the minute, but just give me money because they like my show and they want to reward me, or contribute to their beautiful Princess, Queen, or Goddess. I can work well either way, but I’m definitely having more fun on Chaturbate, and love Streamate more for the money. Maybe soon I will throw MFC in the mix and see how I like that one too.

Yes, you wanna buy my sexy SnapChat nudes… $50 for life! xoxox

This is the perfect job for me, I’m amazing at it so far and have lots of fans, over 30 on SM, and over 200 on CB, I have some awesome ideas for my new shows, and I have mental health issues that prevent me from getting or sustaining regular employment. I’m basically sexy till I die and this is all I can do. Yay!!! I could also be a housewife, but even that is kinda beyond my skill set now. Why take on all the stress of a wife when I can have all the fun, gifts, and money of the side-chick?

I got SnapChat! $50 for Life!



Nude Webcamming

OMG, I am FREAKING OUT! I just got approved for nude webcam modelling which means that I can basically start masturbating on cam whenever I am ready. I don’t know if I’m ready. All those girls are so young and hot, and I’m thinking my best angle may be to be to let my pubes and armpit hair grow, or maybe be willing to shit my pants on camera, or perhaps that I’m one of the few older women brave enough, or desperate enough, depending on how you read the situation, to give this a serious go. I’ve never done shit like this… on cam, and the truth is, I wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t some angle to get paid, and these cam-streaming sites say that they pay, lots of girls are getting paid and you aren’t really hearing any stories of them ripping girls off, it’s mostly the customers who do that (there’s always that one jerk), so maybe it’ll be a fun way to make some cash… I really love sex and they say you should do what you love. If this doesn’t work out, I can always get a job at GoodLife Fitness or as a virtual assistant or something. Who knows, right?

If they’ll have me now…

So, I’m pretty stoked about this, but also kinda nervous because I’m brand new at doing stuff like this on cam. I guess I can forget about having a career in politics, LOL, like that was ever going to happen anyways, but if ever randomly decide get into politics for some reason, I’ll volunteer from the start that I masturbated on cam for money, so what? How is anyone better for doing it for free? That’s just stupid, I’m masturbating anyways, if someone wants to pay to watch and I’m young and need the money, then why the fuck not? Seriously.

I guess my biggest worry is that no one will want to pay to watch – ha!

I should seriously just tell the truth about my age on these websites. I literally just got approved, I haven’t even logged back into any of them yet. But I’m already planning to lie and say I’m thirty when the truth is that I’m… just a tad bit older than that. I know that I’m panicking for nothing, this is like, what I do, I have anxiety problems, but it’s probably going to be totally chill and fun. As soon as I finish writing this I’m going to go log on and see what’s up. Maybe it’ll be totally awesome, and I just need to stop freaking out and think positive. If I wasn’t so broke, I probably never would have tried this, and I’m a total exhibitionist sometimes. Like, I started filming myself in the shower back in 2010 because it’s the place where I feel the most beautiful so maybe this is the perfect job for me and I should stop being such a chicken.

I’ve already started filming myself in the shower again, and filming myself masturbating. I guess maybe I have control issues, but I wanted to see what I looked like before I just started putting myself out there… live in a cam room with hundreds of dudes who could be anywhere in the world, including hiding in my closet with a serrated blade and a real hate-on for women…

The funny thing is, I’m kinda hotter than I realized. I just never really took the time to look for myself. No wonder dudes are so aggressive and pushy. Fucking assholes, but still. Seeing myself kinda look so beautiful, I guess I sort of get it, but it’s still not okay. There is this one video I make of me having an orgasm, and it’s not like the other girls do it. I spent a bit watching some of the cams earlier today, and my video that I made is a bit different, mostly because it’s really quiet. Sometimes I have quiet orgasms and I was kinda nervous because it was my first time using toys on camera, which was kind of exciting in and of itself. The whole situation was really enjoyable and the video is beautiful even though I’m not the most expressive in it, I think… I also probably should have taken off my shirt…

I’m smiling at the end, though, hehehe… The NJoy & the Magic play so nicely together…

I think I’m going to make the video available for sale on my website. Some of the other girls sign up for sites like Clips4Sale and stuff like that, ModelCentro, and I might do that also, but this is my personal site, and I may as well sell on here also. I like the idea of having something I own where I can do everything my own way and set my own rules. Holy there is so much to figure out. This is only my third website, and none of the others have been very profitable, although the first one lead to an amazingly sweet guy that I had a nice hot fling with and he supported me financially while we were together which is kind of my thing that I’ve always kind of stumbled into. I’m not very good at getting or keeping jobs, but a man I usually have no trouble with, and I’ve never really had to be profitable before since I was basically a sugar baby having fun on the internet, but my sugar daddy isn’t giving me anymore money, he said, so I have to try and start making money at this, or maybe getting a job at GoodLife Fitness… except that they didn’t call me back and I literally never workout at any gyms (my workout looks pretty explicit and I don’t need any equipment and I hate when people stare at me, or worse, follow me out into the parking lot… *shudders*), also kinda scamming people when you’re selling them stuff, knowing that they aren’t going to show up for the actual workouts… I’d be terrible at keeping a poker face and letting them do it. *Dejected sigh*

I’d rather just get paid to masturbate all day, if that’s even remotely possible. Everything else sounds way too complicated and I just want a simple wet, Sweetpussy life. That’s the name of my imaginary porn production company… SweetPussy Productions… I don’t know if I’m going to do this… I’ve thought it out, but maybe I’m just dreaming… It’s my trademark since I came up with it first, and I’m going to have a logo done by the time I post this. I need a new MacBook, mine is really old, so if any Sugar Daddies out there wanna shoot me $3000.00, you could pretty instantly become my number one, and maybe even help advise me if you know wtf I’m supposed to be doing here. Do it NOW!