Hello and welcome to my website. It’s all mine and I’m the boss bitch up in here, hehehe. I honestly don’t know what the fuck I am doing, but I’ve managed to build myself a couple of websites and I really wanna work from home so I’m figuring things out. The only thing I know for sure, is that I don’t do shit for free.

I’m good at all things female and domestic so right now I’m starting with the very basics, sex work, and some nude webcam modelling. If you’re into that and you have money, hit me up on Skype and watch me get freaky on the webcam, trust, I won’t let you down, unless you’re into stuff that’s really gross in which case I may not be the girl for you. I’m not about two cups or anything like that, I’m tryna have an orgasm, not be disgusted over here, and I wanna get paid too, so that’s hopefully how things are going to go with that. I have a dominant personality and I want dudes who are submissive and like to do what I say… but I can switch it up if the price is right. I accept bitcoins right now only, but please feel free to pay a tribute of any amount to this unrelated blog and then come and talk to me.

Once I have a few dudes who are into that on the regular, I can start working on my knitting and other crafting tutorials, and my YouTube channel and stuff, or maybe I could get into some porn, I’m not really sure what direction I’m going to go with this. I might try to make money with affiliate marketing, as well as maybe selling my crafts and sexy videos and YouTube and stuff. Who knows, right? Make sure you check in often to see what is happening!